They love EasyKeeper

With several people working together, communication about the animals’ health is very important. We were searching for a program where we could consolidate all the information about every goat on the property that could be easily accessed and updated by all of us. EasyKeeper accomplished that goal, and has made keeping track of routine events even easier than our older methods.

Kristina Saucedo, KNS Farm

Easykeeper has made my record keeping a snap and eased my paperwork burden. I think it would be a valuable tool for any producer.

Michelle Heino, Aja-Sammati

The paper tracking has got to go. I am so glad I found your product.

The need to quickly access relevant herd data for managing the goats is a big plus that early tests of the software have proven very well thus far.

I love the fact the actual data is stored online and thus minimizes the risk of loss.

Jon Kinsey, Canaan Family Farm

I love EasyKeeper! I love it! There’s no way I could/would track everytihng as well without it!

Rhea Gerdes, Col Fyr Farm

It is especially helpful when tracking breedings and due dates!

Lisa Cree, Cree Farms/Lone Rock Dairy

These folks know goats first… and then software. That makes them special in the world of software.

Shari Thomas, DHA Family Farms

The ease of entry is amazing.

Kathryn Lewis, Double Sundog Ranch

Thanks! Another reason I love this program so much. You all have changed the way many people manage their herds!
Ryan Poling, Fainting Hills

Love your program. Been using it a couple of months now and it’s been great!

Kristina Tucker, God’s Great Country Farm

This is just the best goat program.

Darlene Brown, Jubilee Dairy Goats

I LOVE the EasyKeeper software. It makes managing my herd so effortless and leaves more time to actually be out there tending to my goats.

Patricia Burns, Motley Acres Farm (Burns Barns)

I have been looking for a program just like this.

Kena McEachern, Mystic Meadows Dairy Goats

It has become an indispensable part of my daily farm management.

Kat Pierre, Terra Mia Dairy Goats

I am soooo happy with EasyKeeper Herd Manager! It has been a great help with my herd.

Shawna Hamilton, Pond De Rosa,Boer Goats

I am absolutely LOVING the database search options.

Alexandria Papperman, Rushtawin Nubians

This is the BEST herd management program I’ve had the privilege of using! Intuitive, easy to follow, very great reports…and I love looking back through years of data.

Laura Warren, Maple Wind Caprines

Don’t know how I lived without it. Makes everything easy to track. I rate it 10 out of 10.

Sue Reiman, Alpaca Springs

EasyKeeper has made my life so much easier!!!! I refer it to all my goat friends.

Alyssa Harder, Breaking Dawn Ranch

This is the best goat management software I have come across. I have tried some of the other ones out there on the internet, but this one is user friendly, and if I had a problem the staff got back to me quickly. Don’t waste your money like I did. Get EasyKeeper!

Teresa Clark, Clark Farm’s Pygmy Goats

I love the program and have come to refer to it often even for general info such as when I need to look up a date of birth.

Carolyn Menzies, Cornerstone Cottage Creamery

I love the program and have come to refer to it often even for general info such as when I need to look up a date of birth.

Erin Cooper, Dairylicious Oberhasli & Nightblossom Soap

Thank you for such a terrific product. Don’t know how I lived without it, much better than my memory these days for keeping track of the herd. Thank you doesn’t seem enough…I like the EasyList emails. I check my email before I go to the barn in the morning and this gives me a heads up on what I need to accomplish over the weekend and what to prepare for next week. Love it!!!!!

Jan Fleming, Everspring Dairy Goats

I really LOVE EasyKeeper! It makes everything so much easier!

Skyla Parent, J.O.Y. Farm

It is the best herd management system I have found. It is simple to use and excellent value.

I especially like the way that the developers listen to their users and implement new features based on their customers’ needs and suggestions for improvement.

Glenys Gotthardt, Kyeema Ridge Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

I’m quite pleased with EasyKeeper and am especially looking forward to seeing improvements in my record keeping come breeding season.

Kristina Saucedo, KNS Farm

After adding my first kids last week I HAD to stop in to say THANK YOU again! The changes and additions that you have made have streamlined that process as well and I LOVE it 🙂 – BEST THING EVER for any goat keeper!

Bobbie Jackson, NadaLottaRanch

You guys have come up with an awesome product!

Vaughan Willoughby, Nilai Dairy Farm

This is an AWESOME program! I very highly recommend it… I’ve used it for two or three years and it just keeps getting better 🙂

Song of Heart, Shelly Misso Johnson

I have used Easy Keeper Herd Manager for over 3 years. It is the best. Comes in real handy for keeping records of all tasks. Even with that emergency vet run you have your record easily accessible on your phone. It has saved me and a few Goats. I highly recommend it.

Penny Whithorn, Ober House Dairy Goats

Worth every penny. Easy to use, able to leave basic notes or very specific details. Reminders for events are very helpful in keeping you on track. Covers every aspect of keeping goats, stud documentation, gestation, milk data and health data.

Anastasia Ridgeway, Shepherds Watch Farm

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