Stay up to date

Have your herd’s current info at your finger tips no matter what device you may be using or where you are. At your desktop in the home office, a tablet in the milk room, or a mobile phone at the sale barn, accessing your herd’s data is a snap.

Really? How does that work?

Using the latest internet technologies, EasyKeeper stores all of your data in one central location, allowing you to securely access it with any device over the internet.

Say Goodbye to all those spreadsheets, calendars, white boards, and notebooks – and say Hello to EasyKeeper.

Get things done

EasyKeeper is more than record keeping; it increases productivity and helps prevent costly mistakes. Thanks to your herd management dashboard, your morning coffee comes with the peace of mind that you know what is important each day.

I like that idea. Tell me more.

EasyKeeper’s automated reminders engine uses the information you’ve entered into your animals’ records to give you a hand in preparing your task and events list for the day.

We also give you a preview of what’s coming up – and some gentle nudges about those tasks you’ve been putting off.

Boost performance

EasyKeeper’s deep feature set helps you track and report on a wide range of performance outputs that are key to improving your herd’s performance and increasing your bottom line. After all, you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

An even better herd? How?

Data is like gold; The more you have, the better you can predict the outcome of your breeding program. EasyKeeper’s advanced metrics provide the insights to drive improvements in meat, milk and fiber production and maternal traits.

Support for on-farm performance testing through the KSU Goat Herd Improvement Program is coming soon!

Hi, we’re EasyKeeper.

We think you’ll agree that EasyKeeper is not your ordinary run-of-the-mill herd management software company. Our team has deep roots in the livestock industry, with almost 100 years of focused experience in goat herd management, production and marketing between us. And when you add in the 220 goat operations nationwide who have been our on-farm product development partners since EasyKeeper’s inception we think it’s safe to say, “Yeah, we’ve been there, done that”.

Having this extensive first-hand knowledge of the challenges faced by goat producers of all types allowed us to define a new methodology for goat herd management and performance improvement.

We hope to meet you at one at the field days we’re attending or speaking at this summer and fall. Getting to know our subscribers and learning how EasyKeeper has positively impacted their ability to improve their management practices and productivity means the world to us.


Together we manage. Together we grow.

Who are you?

I'm an Urban Farmer or Hobbyist

Do you have goats primarily as a hobby for you or your children? Is your focus on goats more for learning experiences or companionship rather than as a business? Maybe you use goats for vegetation control around the farm? Or perhaps you have goats to produce milk or cheese for your family?

As a hobby or urban farmer with other demands on your time, it’s likely you find it challenging to track your animals’ breedings, kiddings and medical records. EasyKeeper helps you focus on the enjoyment of goat ownership, by keeping all this information organized in one place, and letting you know when it’s time to take care of the stuff that’s not as much fun as rest.

As an urban farmer, you’ll most likely be interested in our Essentials Plan.

I'm an Artisan

Do you take pride in the products you produce from your goats’ outputs, like soap, spun fiber and textiles and cheese? Do you sell online or at farmers markets? Does your retail business contribute in some way to your overall income? Perhaps you are hoping that someday it will?

As an artisan, maintaining consistent quantities of high quality inputs will keep your products flowing. EasyKeeper helps you plan your production outputs and track the quality of those outputs. Of course animal health is important as well. EasyKeeper’s health & wellness module helps ensure your animals are up to the task!

As an artisan, you’ll want to choose between our Essentials or our Performance Plan, to see which most fits your farm.

I'm a Producer

Are goats an important part of your farming operation? Are you engaged in milk, meat or fiber production, showing, or producing replacement stock to be sold into other herds?

As a producer, improving your animals’ productivity and performance are likely at the top of your priority list. With EasyKeeper, you won’t have to constantly monitor your calendar and lists for upcoming tasks and events, because we take care of that for you. Turn those countless hours collecting and aggregating data into easy to see, yield-enhancing improvements.

As a producer, you’ll most likely be interested in our Performance Plan.

Why bother using software?

Growing up on a farm, Jean (our founder and CEO) learned herd management the hard way, manually, using hand written notes, folders, boards, you name it. More focus and energy was put on this system, that could have been directed toward managing a healthy and profitable herd with increased accuracy and efficiency.

With constant efforts to make things better, systems were developed and tested, until EasyKeeper was born. EasyKeeper provides you with the tools to document, task, review, update, compare, project, and improve your herd’s performance. And it’s all in one place, so you can use it on the farm, at the vet, during transactions, at shows, or anywhere you need.

With that comes confidence and peace of mind, a formula for great things.

The word on the farm.

Our customers are using EasyKeeper to manage 59,741 animals worldwide. Here’s why…


I LOVE the EasyKeeper software. It makes managing my herd so effortless
and leaves more time to actually be out there tending to my goats.
Thanks for such a wonderful system.
~ Motley Acres Farm
I am absolutely LOVING the database search options.
~ Rushtawin Nubians
It is especially helpful when tracking breedings and due dates!
~ Cree Farm/Lone Rock Dairy
The interface is easy to use, intuitive and individual animal modules
correlate with each other well. This is outstanding.
~ Shellirae Farm
Just a note to let you know how much I like the EasyList emails. I check my email
before I go to the barn in the morning and this gives me a heads up on what I need
to accomplish over the weekend and what to prepare for next week. Love it!!!!!
~ Everspring Dairy Goats
It is the best herd management system I have found. It is simple to use and excellent value.
I especially like the way that the developers listen to their users and implement new
features based on their customers’ needs and suggestions for improvement.
~Kyeema Ridge Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
This program is the best livestock program I’ve ever used.
Don’t know how I would manage my herd without it.
~ Everspring Dairy Goats
I always have my records with me…an emergency trip to the vet and I have anything
he needs at my fingertips. I just could not keep my records any other way now.
~ Ober House Dairy Goats
These folks know goats first…
That makes them special in the world of software.
~ DHA Family Farms
It has become an indispensable part of my daily farm management.
~ Terra Mia Dairy Goats
EasyKeeper makes everything easy to track.
I rate it 10 out of 10.
~Alpaca Springs Farm
[It’s] an easy to use, keep me organized, EXCELLENT program.
Worth every penny.
~ Ober House Dairy Goats

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