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Easily plan your daily activities and project resource needs with automated schedules, task and events lists, and health management reminders.

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Get the insights you need to make the keep/cull and breeding decisions that improve your herd’s performance and increase your returns.

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Dairy goat milking parlor

Dairy goats

• Monitor estrus cycles to maximize days in milk

• Track milk parlor performance and compare to peers

• Schedule regular mastitis tests for early detection

Meat goats

• Enter birth and weaning weights to get average daily gain

• Assess which does have the best maternal traits

• Know which herd sires help increase your profits

Fiber goats

• Use automated workflows to keep your animals healthy

• Identify potential fertility issues

• Use body condition scoring to balance feed intake

Hobby & specialty goats

• Track progeny and pedigrees for good breeding decisions

• Quickly identify and respond to fertility issues

• Proactively plan for kiddings

Our passion is helping you have better goats

Like many kids, EasyKeeper founder Jean Harrison was introduced to goats through the 4-H. Little did she know that her first goat, Ivy Leaf, would instill in her a passion for goat breeding and herd management.


Within a few years of purchasing Ivy, Jean’s family became an integral part of the dairy goat community, breeding under the herd name Coastside Dairy Goats.


As a young woman, Jean set off to see what the world had to offer. After working as a herd manager, serving in the military, obtaining a college degree, and a successful career in software project management and product development with SF Bay Area tech companies, she returned to her true passion: Goat herd management. This time, however, she isn’t contributing to the development of a better goat; By providing a comprehensive, intelligent way to manage your herd’s records, she’s developing a way for you to have a better herd.

The word on the farm

Our customers are using EasyKeeper to manage nearly 90,000 goats. Here's why.

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